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Dogs Set

For your life sized pup, get them a mini companion with this miniature dog set. From: Table-Art

Wooden Wall Gateway

A walled off zen garden of a different kind! This Japanese inspired miniature walled gateway gives your troops the necessary edge in any display. From: Master Crafted


28 mm miniatures at its finest! Holding down the command of your forces - you need a tent of the same caliber! From: Any Scale Models.

Japanese 2nd Lieutenant – Hiroo Onoda

Hirō Onoda was an Imperial Japanese Army intelligence officer would fought in World War 2 and did not surrender in 1945. From: Stoessis Heroes


"The grand and noble HOF range contains a large and wide variety of 15mm Science Fiction Miniatures." From: Alternative Armies

Apes Command: Mounted

The Mounted Command will get you into killer shape from commanding the battlefield. From: Ainsty Castings

Ape Assault Force (25 Figures)

Monkey see - monkey do the old saying goes... but not for this awesome set of miniatures. From: Ainsty Castings


Throughout the Ancient World, cavalry service was the preserve of Social Elites, and the Romans were no different. From: AGEMA miniatures

WWII US Summer Uniform Tank Crew

Take your miniature tank out for a summer cruise with this summer stlyin' tank crew! From: AB Figures


The SPANISH TERCIOS PREMIUM COLLECTION will ensure that you can be in the fight wherever life takes you.

Hussite Wars Pack Deal 1

Feel like you're back in the Hussite wars! While immersing yourself in this miniature deal!

Gurkha Infantry

Many Gurkha Regiments fought in Burma at Kohima and the Araakan campaign - they were famed for bravery and the famous Kukri knives.

Salamandra / Dragons Knights Heavy Large Shields

Want your minis to have extra defense from harmful projectiles in style? Take a look at these custom shields made by SpellCrow that'll help your guys standout in tournaments all day long. Design and Sculpting: Marek Rurarz and Piotr Pirianowicz painting by: Edwin Smoliński

Stalingrad – Central Train Station

The Stalingrad- Central Train Station for miniatures will bring a unique blue realism to any wargaming scenario. The building is made of 1.6mm and 3mm HDF and designed for 28mm models. From: Things From The Basement.

Dragon Forge Designs Urban Rubble Bases

Say goodbye to your old, warped, and cracked bases and say Hi! to Dragon Forge Designs Urban Rubble Bases! Base's that are built to make an impact. Constructed with the look for a urban apocalypse - it features what you need to make a statement with your miniatures.


Nothing will help you make a grand entrance like riding up in this ship. This one-of-a-kind head-turner comes with 16 resin canons, stumpy masts - Optional upgrades include, Resin Carronades, Resin Swivel Guns, Captain Cabin interior. This massive kit is designed to be a true to 28mm scale ship with all the right angles and curves that a ship of its age should have.


Transform any collection in your home on command by getting this amazing miniature. The mini can serve as the hub of your collection – allowing for endless color schemes. Sculpted by Bobby Jackson.

War World Scenics Heather 6mm Self Adhesive Static Grass Tufts

Spend the day outdoors (actually just on the tabletop) without succumbing to the smothering heat with these bright tufts. Apart from color it can bring a unique color to anyone's tabletop.

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